quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Vestida para Casar

Este é mais um filme dedicado ao mês das noivas. O título original é "27 dresses". A cena que escolhi é muito divertida principalmente o final. Nesta cena Jane está participando de dois casamentos ao mesmo tempo. Vale a pena aprimorar o inglês assistindo esta cena.

Jane - There you are! You look great.

Casey - Thanks!

Jane - Okay. Let's go. Come on. Oh. Here.

Casey - What's this?

Jane - I brought you a shawl, Visine, Tylenol and a pair of my earrings. About your hair.

Casey - What? The bitch said, "Up." It's up.

Jane - Okay. I'll fix it inside.

Casey - What's all this stuff?

Jane - Let's just hurry.

Suzanne - Aren't the dresses great? The best thing about them is you can shorten them and wear them again.

Jane - Definitely. So true.

Photographer - Give me a smile. Okay. Excuse me. On the right.

Pastor 1 - We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Suzanne and Greg. This is a time of great joy. As we honor two people who have come together to be joined in holy matrimony.

Jane - Sorry. Taxi! Great. Thanks. 31 Water Street. Brooklyn. Okay. I will give you $300 flat for the whole night on one condition.

Driver - Yeah.

Jane - You don't look in the rear-view mirror or I deduct. Deal?

Driver - Yeah.

Jane - Great.

Driver - What are you doing?

Jane - Hey. You just cost yourself 20 bucks.

Driver - No one's looking.

Jane - I'll be right back.

Maid of Honor 1 - Thank God you're here. I'm freaking out. I forgot my thingy.

Jane - Oh! I've got extra. No worries.

Maid of Honor 1 - Perfect. Thank you.

Shari - Hi! Are these dresses great? And the best thing is you could shorten it and wear it again.

Jane - That is definitely so true.

Pastor 2 - We gather here today to join in holy matrimony Shari Rabinowitz and Prakash Maharasti known to his friends as "Woody." Shari and Rrakash are so happy that so many of you are here today.

Jane - What are you doing? Get in the car! Come on! - Go! Go! Go!

Driver - You in?

Jane - Go! Hey! Hey! You are down to 260. Are you sure you wanna keep this up?

Driver - No!

Jane - Okay, then.

Casey - Okay. Which one do you want? The brunet or the blond? I kinda want the blond. I'm not gonna lie.

Jane - Casey, can't you keep it in your pants for one wedding?

Casey - Are you kidding? The only reason to wear this monstrous dress is so some drunken groomsman can rip it to shreds with his teeth.

Kevin - What time is it now? Well, I'm just gonna be about two more hours, so... I'll call you back.

Driver - Hey! Wrong shoes! Wait a minute. Wrong shoes.

Jane - Ziggy! What?

Shari - Jane, I'm so hungry. Did you eat anything?

Jane - Oh, yeah.

Shari - I haven't eaten anything. And let me give you some advice, do not drink Moet on an empty stomach. it's, like, whoa...

Suzanne - Did you meet my grandma?

Jane - Yeah. She was great. I really enjoyed her.

Suzanne - I think she's having fun.

Jane - Oh, yeah. Lots.

Maid of Honor 2 - Hey, what is that thing on your forehead?

Jane - Oh.

Suzanne - I'd like to take a moment to give a special thank-you to a girl who's really gone above and beyond.

Shari - The girl who not only hosted my shower and helped me design the invitation.

Suzanne - She went with me to the caterer, the florist, the wedding cake bakery,

Shari - And to eight bridal stores where she helped me cling to my self-esteem...

Suzanne - ...as I tried on dress after dress.

Shari - So thanks, Jane!

Suzanne - Thanks, Jane. Okay! Everybody ready?



Above and beyond = muito além (do que deveria)
Bridal Stores = lojas de noivas
Caterer = bufê
Cling = agarrar / manter-se fiel a
Come together = reunir-se
Deduct = deduzir / descontar
Dress after dress = vestidos após (e mais) vestidos
Fix =
arrumar/ consertar
Forhead = testa
Groomsman = padrinho (do noivo)
Having fun = divertindo
Inside = lado de dentro / interior
It's up = está (preso) para cima
Invitation = convite
Known to his friends as = conhecido pelos amigos como
On an empty stomach = com o estomago vazio
On one condition = com uma condição
On the right = à direita
Rear-view mirror = espelho retrovisor
Rip it to shreds = rasgar
Shawl = xale
Shorten = encurtar
Thingy = coisa

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