segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

View from the top - Voando alto

Tente acertar as palavras que faltam nos espaços em branco. Mande como um comentário.
Nice studies!!!

View from the top - Voando Alto

I'm John Whitney.

Maybe a little too long.

This one. Head of the Royalty flight-attendant __________________________ program. Tell me, why do you want to work for Royalty Airlines?

I believe that I have a lot to offer your airline.

Because the planes are...You know, they're so much __________________________.Oh. My gum.

Why do you want to work for Royalty Airlines?

Oh, well...I've got a lot of __________________________. But I just got to think of the right one.

Take your time.Collect. Gather. Go.

Because I'm organized and efficient.

I worked for Sierra Airlines,you know. I put that down there. Yeah, right above Hooters.


Right. Oh, yes.

If there is a task, I will not stop until I have __________________________ it perfectly.

Did I say "organized"?

Got a __________________________ for you.


What's your tolerance level for pain? Physical pain.

Like, sexual pain?

Would you consider __________________________ a people person?

Oh, definitely. Big people person. Not just big people.

Not just giants.

You got it.


To learn and to follow through with all the tasks.

I'm just gonna say a few __________________________.




Scooby Doo-Doo.

Tectonic plates.

Tectonic plates.


Do you handle surprises well?

Do you handle surprises well?

I scared you, didn't l?

No, no.

It has always been my __________________________ to work for the best.

And I think you guys are the best.

That's just terrific.

You're terrific, how __________________________?

No. This one.It's called strabismus. There's no business like "strobusiness." I get to make 

Does anything frighten you?

Oh, you mean the eye?