quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2009

Obrigado por Fumar

Este vídeo é um bem difícil e um pouco extenso. A dica novamente é captar o idéia principal sem se preocupar em entender palavra por palavra. As sentenças extraídas são bastante úteis para o dia-a-dia. Tente etudá-las e colocá-las em prática. Bom estudo!!!

JOAN - He is a 15-year-old freshman from Racine, Wisconsin. He enjoys studying history. He's on the debate team. Robin's future looked very, very bright, but recently he was diagnosed with cancer, a very tough kind of cancer. Robin tells me he has quit smoking, though, and he no longer thinks that cigarettes are cool.

JOAN - And our final guest today is Nick Naylor. Mr. Naylor is the vice president of the Academy of Tobacco Studies. Now, they are the tobacco industry's main lobby in Washington, D.C. And Mr. Naylor is their chief spokesman.

NICK - Few people on this planet know what it is to be truly despised. Can you blame them? I earn a living fronting an organization that kills 1,200 human beings a day. 1,200 people. We're talking two jumbojet plane loads of men, women and children. I mean, there's Attila, Genghis, and me, Nick Naylor, the face of cigarettes... the Colonel Sanders of nicotine. This is where I work, the Academy of Tobacco Studies. It was established by seven gentlemen you may recognize from C-SPAN. These guys realized quick if they were going to claim that cigarettes were not addictive, they better have proof. This is the man they rely on, Erhardt Von Grupten Mundt. They found him in Germany. I won't go into the details. He's been testing the link between nicotine and lung cancer for 30 years and hasn't found any conclusive results. The man's a genius. He could disprove gravity. Then we've got our sharks. We draft them out of Ivy League law schools and give them time-shares and sports cars. It's just like a John Grisham novel you know, without all the espionage. Most importantly, we've got spin control. That's where I come in. I get paid to talk. I don't have an MD or law degree. I have a bachelor's in kicking ass and taking names. You know that guy who can pick up any girl? I'm him on crack.

JOAN - This is obviously a heated issue and we do have a lot that we want to cover today. Nick, do you have a question?

NICK - Joan, how on earth would Big Tobacco profit off of the loss of this young man? Now, I hate to think in such callous terms, but, if anything, we'd be losing a customer. It's not only our hope, it's in our best interest to keep Robin alive and smoking.

TOP AIDE - That's ludicrous.

NICK - Let me tell you something, Joan, and please, let me share something with the fine, concerned people in the audience today. The Ron Goodes of this world... want the Robin Willigers to die.

TOP AIDE - What?

NICK - You know why? So that their budgets will go up. This is nothing less than trafficking in human misery, and you, sir, ought to be ashamed of yourself.

TOP AIDE - I ought to be ashamed of myself?

NICK - As a matter of fact, we're about to launch... a $50 million campaign aimed at persuading kids not to smoke. Because I think that we can all agree that there is nothing more important than America's children.

JOAN - All right, now, that's something that we're going to want to know more about. But I have to take a short break. Hang on, a lot more coming.

BR - $50 million?! Are you out of your fucking mind?!

NICK - Everyone has a boss. BR just happens to be mine.He came from the vending machine world. This made him tough. The name BR came from his tour in Vietnam. The people who know its meaning are all dead.

BR - The deal was five million!

NICK - $5 million will get you a couple of subway posters. It's not going to impress anyone.

BR - That's the idea, Nick.

NICK - You'll be thanking me soon. This'll probably get you great press.

BR - I gotta call the captain and see if this is gonna fly. Get your ass back to D.C.

TEACHER - Thank you so much for coming. Mr. Naylor? It's your turn.

NICK - Ah.

TEACHER - Joey is such a bright young man. We all look forward to his coming out of his shell a little.

TEACHER - He's a bit shy.

NICK - Yeah, he gets that from his mother.

NICK - Hey, Joey.

JOEY - Please don't ruin my childhood.

NICK - Come on, Joey. Trust me.

NICK - How many of you want to be lawyers when you grow up? Right. How about... movie stars? How about lobbyists?

CHILD 1 - What's that?

NICK - It's kind of like being a movie star. It's what I do. I talk for a living.

CHILD 1 - What do you talk about?

NICK - I speak on behalf of cigarettes.

CHILD 2 - My mom used to smoke. She says that cigarettes kill.

NICK - Really? Now, is your mommy a doctor?

CHILD 2 - No.

NICK - A scientific researcher of some kind?

CHILD 2 - No.

NICK - Well, she doesn't exactly sound like a credible expert, now, does she? Don't feel bad. It's okay to listen to your mom. I mean, it's good to listen to your parents... Joey. All I'm suggesting is that there will always be people trying to tell you what to do and what to think. There probably already are people doing that. Am I right?

KIDS - Yes.

NICK - I'm here to say that when someone tries to act like some sort of an expert, you can respond, "Who says?"

CHILD 3 - So, cigarettes are good for you?


NICK - No, that's not... That's not what I'm getting at. My point is that you have to think for yourself. You have to challenge authority. If your parents told you that chocolate was dangerous, would you just take their word for it?

KIDS - No.

NICK - Exactly. So perhaps instead of acting like sheep when it comes to cigarettes, you should find out for yourself.

TEACHER - Okay, then. Thank you, Mr. Naylor, for joining us.

NICK - Every week we meet here at Bert's. Together, we represent the chief spokespeople for the tobacco, alcohol and firearms industries. We call ourselves the MOD Squad. All right. M-O-D, Merchants of Death.

POLLY - So, my day's ruined.

NICK - Why?

POLLY - Dateline's doing a segment on fetal alcohol syndrome. Thank you.

NICK - Polly works for the Moderation Council. A casual drinker by the age of 14, Polly quickly developed a tolerance usually reserved for Irish dockworkers. In our world, she's the woman that got the pope to endorse red wine.

POLLY - We're gonna get creamed. Any ideas?

NICK - I don't know. Deformed kids are tough.I'm lucky my product only makes them bald before it kills them.

BOBBY - You could hug the kids.

POLLY - They're not going to let me hug the kids.

NICK - Who's doing the segment, Donaldson or Sawyer?

POLLY - Sawyer, probably.

BOBBY - You're fucked.

POLLY - Why?

NICK - Cause she's gonna hug them.

BOBBY - Look, if you see her going in for a hug, maybe just box her out, get in there before she does.

NICK - BobbyJay works for SAFETY, The Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training for Youth.

BOBBY - You want me to smile?

NICK - After watching the footage of the Kent State shootings, BobbyJay, then 17, signed up for the National Guard so he, too, could shoot college students. But the National Guard recruiter was out to lunch, so BobbyJay ended up shooting Panamanians instead, which was almost as good as college students. Only they shoot back.

BOBBY - You know, you can beat a Breathalyzer by sucking on activated charcoal tablets?

POLLY - Really? Maybe we should change our campaign to "If You Must Drink and Drive, Suck Charcoal."

NICK - Yeah, but don't the police wonder why you're sucking on charcoal?

BOBBY - There's no law against charcoal.

NICK - Yet.

POLLY - Yet.

JOEY - Dad, why is the American government the best government?

NICK - Because of our endless appeals system. Joe, you're not writing down what I just said are you?

JOEY - Mm-hmm.

NICK - Joey, stop for a second. What is the subject of your essay?

JOEY - Why is American government the best government in the world.

NICK - Your teacher crafted that question?

JOEY - Yeah. Why?

NICK - Well... I'll look past the obvious problems in syntax for a moment, and I'll focus more on the core of the question. I mean, "A," does America have the best government in the world? And "B," what constitutes a"best government"? Is it crime, is it poverty, literacy?

JOEY - Hmm?

NICK - And America definitely not best. Perhaps not even better than most. We do have a very entertaining government...

JOEY - Dad.

NICK - I'm sorry. Are you familiar with the term "B.S."?

JOEY - Bullshit.

NICK - Yes, exactly. B.S., if I may, is what questions like the one your teacher posed are made for. Because even if America had the best government, there'd be no way to prove it. And how many pages are you writing?

JOEY - Two pages.

NICK - Two pages... Definitely not in two pages.

JOEY - So what am I supposed to write?

NICK - You can write whatever you want.

JOEY - Okay.

NICK - Write about... write about America's amazing ability to make profit by breaking down trading tariffs and bringing American jobs to Third World countries. Or how good we are at executing felons. They're all correct answers.



1- He no longer thinks that cigarettes are cool = Ele não pensa mais que cigarros são legais
"no longer" = "any longer" = "any more". Porém, "any more" e "any longer" são utilizados no final de frases negativas. Já "no longer", é utilizado no meio de frases afirmativas.
I am not single any more = Eu não sou mais solteiro
I am not dating any longer = Eu não estou mais namorando
I can no longer eat chocolate = Eu não posso mais comer chocolate

2- They better have proof = É melhor eles terem prova
Exemplos com "better":
You better think twice = É melhor você pensar duas vezes
I better hurry up = É melhor eu me apressar
I better help them out = É melhor eu ajudá-los

3- As a matter of fact = Por uma questão de fato / Na realidade
Exemplos com "matter":
No matter what happens, life goes on = Não importa o que aconteça, a vida continua
Matter closed = Assunto encerrado
As a matter of principles = Por uma questão de princípios
It does not matter = Não importa
It is a matter of common sense = É uma questão de bom senso
No matter how cheap it is = Por mais barato que seja

4- I speak on behalf of cigarettes = Eu falo em nome do cigarro
Exemplos com "on behalf of":
I thank you on behalh of the group = Eu agradeço você em nome do grupo
The employees was not acting on behalf of the campaign = Os vendedores não estavam agido em favor da campanha
Parents save money on behalf of the children = Pais economizam dinheiro em benefício dos filhos

5- ...there will always be people trying to tell you what to do = Sempre haverá pessoas tentando lhe dizer o que fazer
Exemplos com "there to be + outro verbo":
There can be only one = Só pode haver um
There will be a chance = Haverá uma chance
There is going to be a party = Vai haver uma festa
There would be a way to sort it out = Haveria um modo de resolver isso
There may be more reasons = Podem haver mais motivos
There should be a sign = Deveria haver um sinal
There must be a punishment = Deve haver uma punição
There has to be a solution = Tem que haver uma soluçao

6- You have to think for yourself = Você tem de pensar por si próprio
Exemplos com "pronomes reflexivos":
You need deserve it by yourself = Você precisa merecê-lo por si mesmo
I don't care for myself = Eu não cuido de mim mesmo
The numbers speak for themselves = Os números falam por si mesmos

7- You want me to smile? = Você quer que eu sorria
Exemplos com "want":
What do you want me to do = O que você quer que eu faça?
I want him to love me = Eu quero que ele me ame
I want her to kiss me = Eu quero que ela me beije

8- Which was almost as good as college students. = Que foi quase tão bom quanto estudantes universitários
Exemplos com "as good as":
Your guess is as good as mine = Seu palpite é tão bom quanto o meu
I'm not as good as I once was = Eu não sou tão bom quanto eu fui uma vez
Nothing is as good as it seems = Nada é tão bom quando parece

9- Is it crime, is it poverty, literacy? = É crime, é miséria, alfabetização?
Exemplos com "is it":
Is it normal? = É normal?
Is it true? = É verdade?
Is it Christmas? = É Natal?
Is it any wonder? = É de se admirar? / É de se espantar?

10- Perhaps not even better than most. = Talvez nem mesmo melhor do que a maioria
Exemplos com "even better":
It makes the song sound even better than it is = Isto faz a música parecer ainda melhor do que ela é
In practicing, the next perfomance is even better than the previous one = Na prática, a próxima atuação é ainda melhor do que a anterior
That's even better in some cases = É até melhor em alguns casos

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