sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012

Poltergeist III


Hi, sweetie. Can I have a good ___________________ kiss?
All set.
Have a good night's sleep.
Good night.

How come you're taking your dad's _________________?
I'm gonna use the emergency stairs so nobody sees me in the ______________________.
You got Martin's_____________________, right?
I won't stay long.
Have fun.
Be good.
I will.

We're back!
Leave me _____________________!
I've got you!

..the energy.
He's gathering his ______________________.
We must find the giris...

domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

Perfume de Mulher - Scent of Woman

Can you find the 10 words missing?

Double Jack Daniels on the rocks. And bring my _______________ friend here a Shirley Temple.

Hold on. Do you have beer?

Certainly. May I see some l.D. ?

 Are you interested in walkin' the rest of your life, chappy?

I'm sorry sir, but...

I'm a regular here. My boy's going on . Why don't you call up front, the office ? Mr. Gilbert, he's a friend of mine. 

Any particular beer ? 

Schlitz. No Schlitz ? Blatz. No Blatz ? Improvise. 

I'll do my best, sir. 

Thank you, sir. You're human, Charlie. Beer ? 

Who are we drinking with ? I'm getting a nice soap-and-water feeling from down there. 

Ah... female. 

Female ? You're callin' her female, must mean you like her or you wouldn't be so _______________. Is she alone ? 

Yeah, she's alone. 

Things are heatin' up. Chestnut hair ? 

Brown...  _______________  brown. 

Twenty-two ? 

What am l, a guy at a carnival ? 

The day we stop lookin', Charlie, is the day we die. Move. 

Where ?

You know where, son. Don't be coy, Charlie. This woman is made for you. I can feel it. Goddamn beautiful, isn't she ?

She's not bad. 

Whoo-bingo ! The boy's alive. Come on, son, perambulate. Perambulate. Excuse me, seòorita, do you mind if we join you ? I'm feelin' you're being neglected. 

Well, I'm expecting  _______________ . 

Instantly ? 

No, but any minute now. 

Any minute ? Some people live a lifetime in a minute. What are you doin' right now ? 

 I'm waiting for him. 

Would you mind if we waited with you, you know, just to keep the womanizers from bothering you ?

No, I don't mind. 

Thank you. Charlie. You know, I detect... a fragrance in the air. Don't tell me what it is. Ogleby Sisters soap. 

Ah, that's amazing. I'm in the  _______________  business ! It is Ogleby Sisters soap. My grandmother gave me three bars for Christmas. 

I'm crazy about your grandmother. I think she'd have liked Charlie too.

Don't pay any attention to him. 

What's your name ? 


Donna ? I'm Frank. This here is ... 

This is Charlie. 

Yes. She likes you. Charlie's having a difficult weekend. He's going through a crisis. How does he look like he's holding up ?

He looks fine to me. 

Oh ! She does like you, Charlie. So, Donna, ah... do you tango ? 

No. I wanted to learn once, but ...

But ? 

But Michael didn't want to. 

Michael, the one you're waiting for. 

Michael thinks the tango's hysterical. 

Well, I think Michael's  _______________ . 

Don't pay any attention to him. Did I already say that ? 

What a  _______________  laugh. 

Thank you, Frank. 

Would you like to learn to tango, Donna ? 

Right now ?

I'm offering you my services... free of charge. What do you say ?

Ah... I think I'd be a little afraid. 

Of what ? 

Afraid of making a  _______________ .

No mistakes in the tango, not like life. It's simple. That's what makes the tango so great. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, just tango on. Why don't you try ? Will you try it ?

All right. I'll give it a try. 

Hold me down, son. Your arm. Charlie, I'm gonna need some coordinates here, son. 

The floor's about by and you're at the long end. There's tables on the outside. The band's on the right.

Oh, Frank, you are one  _______________  dancer. 

Wait'll you see Charlie dance. 

He's a liar. I don't dance. Isn't he a charmer, though ? Truth is, not only can he dance, but he'll sing you a hell of a tune. He can do bird calls and imitate Bela Lugosi. 

Hi, honey.

Hey. Michael, this is Frank and this is Charlie.

Hi, Frank, Charlie. I'm sorry I'm _______________.

Oh, that's okay.

These two gentlemen entertained me, and time flew. 

Your girl is... a hell of a tango dancer. 

At last, you found someone to tango with. That's terrific ! Let me shake your hand.

No, it was Frank. 

Hell, I'll shake both your hands ! Honey, this looks like the place, but we gotta go. We got a date with Darryl and Carol in the village. Do you have a check ? 

Michael, please. My pleasure. 

No, no. I got this. 

Michael, get your hand outta your pocket. I'll take it. Really. Allow me. 

Why, thank you. Bye, guys.